Precious Pomskies
EST. 2012

Precious Pomskies
Precious Pomskies

A little About Us:

Precious Pomskies consists of myself, Lexi, my husband, JP, and our kids, Paisley and Parks. Along with all of our fur-kids of course! My husband is a financial advisor and I am a registered nurse, but have the privilege of staying home with our kids and raising puppies!

We live on 40 acres, which we share, with our four rescue horses. We love having so much space for all of our pets! We started Precious Pomskies together as a couple, but now we get to share it with our kids, which make it even more fun! We love being able to do something we love so much as a family and we can't wait to see what the future holds for us and Precious Pomskies!

Precious Pomskies

Why choose Precious Pomskies?

  1. We work with the top breeders in the world to continue to better our lines and improve the Pomsky to the standard we dream of it to be.​
  2. We follow a strict code of ethics for the best well-being of our dogs and puppies.
  3. We are the 3rd Pomsky breeder in the world and remain on top of quality among the breeders that follow us.
  4. Our dogs are family and are treated as such! Many of our dogs are a part of our “Guardian Program” which allows the dogs that do not live with us personally to live their lives as pets in their forever homes, from puppyhood to retirement.
  5. We promise to provide a lifetime of support for you and your puppy.