Precious Pomskies
EST. 2012


I am a mom to one wonderful baby girl who is smitten with all of the puppies and I have always loved animals. When I was a little girl I would say I was going to raise puppies for my profession and here we are! I am living the dream!

Precious Pomskies

Why choose Precious Pomskies?

  1. We work with the top breeders in the world to continue to better our lines and improve the Pomsky to the standard we dream of it to be.​
  2. We follow a strict code of ethics for the best well-being of our dogs and puppies.
  3. We are one of the first pomsky breeders in the world and remain on top of quality among the breeders that follow us.
  4. Our dogs are family and are treated as such! All of our dogs, besides the two that are my personal pets, are a part of our “Guardian Program” which allows them to live their lives as pets first in their forever homes, from puppyhood to retirement.
  5. We promise to provide a lifetime of support for you and your puppy.