About your breeder:
I am a mom to one amazing baby girl who is our little puppy socializer. She loves cuddling the puppies and giving them kisses. She teaches them to be gentle, patient and so much more. Socialized puppies are happy puppies. We have been breeding pomskies since 2016 and absolutely love the breed and are one of the only breeders in the United States that not only has been breeding for so long but specializes in the extreme toy and toy pomskies. We have the best in the world!

Your puppy will come to you with a comprehensive vet exam, age appropriate vaccinations, dewormed and a fecal test. We offer a year genetic health guarantee, lifetime breeder support and a BIG goodie bag for your new addition that includes their important medical records, a harness, leash, collar, toy, treats, little bag of food, blanket with moms and littermates' scent on it and a chew bone.

We believe every breeder should give their puppies the BEST start in life therefor while your puppy is in my care I start them on crate/potty training, and they come pellet box trained. We have them around people of all ages and kids of all ages as well as our other dogs and cats to socialize them even more. My husband runs heavy equipment around our property, so the puppies get acclimated to all sorts of noises inside the home like the washer/dryer, vacuum etc. and outside noises like a tractor, lawn mower, excavator etc. All of our puppies are very happy, social and friendly and this is why we are the best!

  1. We work with the top breeders in the world to continue to better our lines and improve the Pomsky to the standard we dream of it to be.​
  2. We follow a strict code of ethics for the best well-being of our dogs and puppies.
  3. We are one of the first pomsky breeders in the world and remain on top of quality among the breeders that follow us.
  4. Our dogs are family and are treated as such! All of our dogs, besides the two that are my personal pets, are a part of our “Guardian Program” which allows them to live their lives as pets first in their forever homes, from puppyhood to retirement.
  5. We promise to provide a lifetime of support for you and your puppy.