Available Puppies

We are currently adding to our waitlist for our next upcoming litters.

Precious Pomskies

​​​Upcoming Litters


Kenzie (50/50) X Crush (50/50)
Born December 31st

Kenzie delivered a beautiful little black and white girl! We named her Hadley and her and momma are both doing great! Watch our social media pages for updates on Hadley. She will be offered to our waitlist at 5 weeks old.

Precious Pomskies

Cali (62/38) X Flex (25/75)
Born January 4th, 2020

Cali has delivered 4 beautiful black and white puppies! One little girl and three boys. Cali is our larger girl at 30lbs and Flex tips the scale at a whopping 8lbs. We expect her puppies to be in that range.


Kobi (62/38) X Flex (25/75)
Due date January 20th, 2020


Flex and Kobi, the couple of the year, have been paired again for Kobi's 4th and final litter. We follow the United State's top reproductive veterinarian's advice on only allowing our mommas to have 4 litters before they are spayed and retired. We are excited for another stunning litter of 3-4 puppies. All grey/white, black/white or chocolate/white with piercing blue eyes.


Cece (50/50) X Winston (50/50)
Due date February 6th, 2020


Cece and Wintson have been paired for black and grey husky marked puppies! We will have both standard and wooly coated puppies in this litter. We are so excited!


Dani (50/50) X Burger (50/50)
Born December 17th, 2019


Dani delivered four stunning grey and white puppies, one female and three males, all with blue eyes!! Watch our social media pages to see them grow. They will be offered to our waitlist January 17th!