Available Puppies

Updated 9/18/2020

We have two litters due very soon. We are expecting puppies of all sizes and colors, details below. Watch our social media pages for birth announcements!

Precious Pomskies

​​​Upcoming Litters


Cali (62/48) X Taz (Pomeranian)
Due October 7, 2020


Cali and Taz have been paired for our first blue and TRUE blue merle litter! We also expect black/whites and black merles in this litter. We can't wait!!



Pelo (50/50) X Taz (Pomeranian)
Due November 16, 2020


Pelo and Taz have been paired for Mini and Micro potential black, blue, chocolate, lavender and white puppies! This litter will also have some Merles. Stay tuned for this much anticipated litter!