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How much do your puppies cost?

Our Pomskies range from $2,000-$6,000. Puppies will not be priced until they are 4-5 weeks old

Can you ship a puppy to me?

We WILL NOT ship any of our puppies. We have listed under "Purchasing a Pomsky" the many options we do have other than shipping. We do offer delivery via flight nanny for $675-950. and are now able to deliver to U.S., Canada,.

How does your waiting list work?

When puppies are about 5 weeks old and we can tell their eye color I will post photos and videos and have people choose puppies in the order deposits were received. We are no longer charging pick of litter fees. If you would like 1st pick or a puppy from a certain mom you can always roll your deposit to the next litter and be higher up on the list. We always reserve the right to keep puppies for our program and will take our pick or picks before the list begins choosing. After choosing your puppy at 5 weeks of age after our temperament testing, payment is then required by venmo, cash app or zelle by 6 weeks of age if your puppy is flying. If you are pickiing up locally, you can pay at pickup via cash or zelle or venmo. If your puppy is not paid for in full by 6 weeks of age when flying you forfeit the puppy and you deposit.

How long will I have to wait for a puppy?

We keep our list short at about 10 people. We are happy to keep you updated on your number on the list as people ahead of you choose and you are moved up and give you a time from on upcoming litters. Although we cannot guarantee a puppy within any certain time frame as litter sizes and times a female may not get pregnant are unpredictable, we will guarantee you a puppy within a year of your deposit date or we will refund your deposit in full. This of course is voided if you choose to skip a litter.

How big do Pomskies get?

We cannot guarantee size as there is always a chance of a throwback which could cause a pup from a litter to be well under or over the expected weight range. From our experience though, we have determined to take the weight of the mom plus the weight of the dad and divide by two putting most of our 50/50 puppies at about 15-25lbs. Our 25/75s should be about 5-12lbs.

Do Pomskies have any health problems?

So far all puppies registered through the PCA have been very healthy! Please keep in mind that this is still a very new hybrid and we have a lot to learn but we obviously do not expect any reoccurring health issues or we would not be breeding this breed. All puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee and we ask for an update every 6 months for this 2 year period for all of our puppies so that if health issues do arise we will know about them and they can be addressed.

What are temperaments of Pomskies like?

Pomsky personalities will vary but they all have some pomeranian traits and some husky traits. They are very smart and easy to train. Some will howl like Huskies and others will bark more like Pomeranians but are not yappy dogs like some Poms by any means. They are much more focused on their human family and less independent than your typical Husky but do not always have to be underfoot like your typical Pomeranian. They can be escape artists like Huskies but do not wander to the same degree. You will want to be sure your yard is secure but fortunately they cannot jump high fences like Huskies due to their small size. They are very active but can get a good workout in a decent sized yard. They are great with kids and other animals as they do not have the high prey drive as most Huskies.

How do you breed a Husky with a Pomeranian?

All our breedings are done with a Husky female and a Pomeranian male through artificial insemination as natural breedings would be extremely dangerous and ineffective.

What if we want to breed our Pomsky?

All puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter agreement unless full breeding rights are discussed and an additional fee plus puppy back rights are agreed upon. Puppies must be spayed/neutered by 7 months of age and several sources of proof will be required to be sent to us upon completion of surgery.